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Engagement of Services

If you believe you might be interested in retaining our services, make sure you review then contact us to discuss the general nature of your need and the technical services you are seeking. Together, we will determine if our technical background and credentials appear to be appropriate to your need. We will then share our fee schedule for your final consideration regarding engaging our services.

The basic rate for Professional Consultants is charged on an hourly basis.
Basic Rate is charged for all professional services including:
  • general consultation
  • inspections
  • standard and literature search and review
  • product evaluation
  • classroom teaching
  • accident cause analysis
  • product testing
  • document review
  • trial preparation
  • court attendance and consultation during trial
  • trial testimony and associated required travel time
Initial consultation, including administrative file setup, is charged at a 1-hour basic rate. Upon the opening of a new file, an initial engagement fee billing will be submitted to all clients, to be paid within 5 days.